A step by step guide to recommissioning your GreasePak unit


GreasePak’s unique formula makes it the MOST POWERFUL product on the market. Easy to install and maintain, GreasePak is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with GreasePak MSGD5 fluid, a highly concentrated active bio fluid specially formulated to degrade (FOG’s) fats, oils and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePaK is cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help food service operators to meet regulations and maintain clear, free-flowing drains.


Meets Regulations & Independently Approved  
A commercial kitchen without an effective means of grease removal might contravene UK regulations. GreasePak is CE certified, with thousands of standalone installations,  it is still the only bio-remediation system to be BBA Approved as an effective form of grease removal – that can legally work with grease traps or on its own. User-friendly, bag-in-box GreasePak MSGD5 fluid is lightweight and easy to handle. Replacement fluid boxes are simply placed into the wall-mounted GreasePak module. Site operators can easily change GreasePak refills, so there is no need for engineers to attend and service the equipment.

  • GreasePak MSGD has 8 bacteria strains with over 500 million colony forming bacteria per gramme
  • Compliance with current UK legislation.
  • Health & Safety best practice covered with the EHO.
  • Simple system which is the most effective on the market.
  • Minimises rodent & insect infestations.
  • No floor drums or containers – easy to handle fluid packs.
  • No need for engineer servicing.
  • Environmentally friendly & safe to use.
  • Saves cost by not having to employ contractors to empty un-hygienic waste from grease traps.
  • Maintains clear, free-flowing drains.
  • Alert sounds when fluid needs replacing.

Download a copy of the British Water Code of Practice:

Pages from Food Service Industry FOG CoP

GreasePak is battery operated, doesn’t require a water or electrical connection or any kitchen floor space. Compact and wall mounted, GreasePak is easy to install, particularly suitable where minimal space is available. GreasePak keeps commercial kitchen drains clean and odour free. GreasePak is BBA certificate 11/4827 BBA Approved and provides assurance that the quality and consistency of a product is visibly recognised as reliable, safe and fit for purpose. GreasePak is the first and only drain maintenance system to earn BBA certification in the UK. The GreasePak biological drain maintenance system is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and costly blockages in the drains of food service operations. Find out more here.

Read all about how GreasePak has helped eliminate Fats, Oils and Grease with our Case Studies


INTRODUCING  BioCeptor a combined technology approach to drain maintenance. The advanced drain maintenance system includes Mechline’s unique proven GreasePaK Biological treatment solution with the a new interception and retention chamber designed to maximise the retention and management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) onsite.







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