Recommissioning your GreasePak

Please follow these steps to recommission your GreasePak unit

  1. Remove the front cover of the unit by opening the front door and removing the two screws holding the small front cover below the door.
  2. Check that your unit has power, you can do this by pushing the open button followed by pushing the close button which can be found on the top left corner of the PCB board. If there is power to the unit you will hear a distinct click when pushing open and a softer click when you push close. If needed please follow the following videos.
    1. How to change the battery on a GreasePak MK1 module

    2. How to replace the battery on the GreasePak MK2 module

  3. Check that the box of fluid in the unt is a recent box of fluid (less than a month old) to proceed. If older please replace with a new box of fluid.
    1. How to change fluid box for on GreasePak MK1 module

    2. How to change fluid box for a GreasePak MK2 module

  4. Push the start button (middle button of the 3 brown buttons) and hold it until a number comes up, once the number comes up on the display release the start button and make a note of the number.
    1. How to prime the PCB on a GreasePak MK1 module

    2. How to prime your Greasepak MK2 module

  5. Now do the same thing with the clock button (left side brown button) but instead of releasing it until the number comes up hold the clock button down until the clock button is the same number on the display as what the start button was.
  6. Once the clock button is the same as what the start number was on the display, release the clock button. In the next 5-6 seconds after releasing the clock button, you should hear the same click as you did when you pushed the open button earlier and fluid should start to flow through the valve and into the lower tubing, it will close itself after a minute or so. If the above test went as stated then your GreasePak is working correctly, if not please contact Mechline for further assistance.
  7. Once you have completed the test you need to change the clock button display to the closest hour of the day, for example if its 1:15PM then change the clock to 13, if its 1:45PM change it to 14 etc.
    1. How to change the PCB settings on the GreasePak MK2 module

If you you have any questions please contact the Technical team on 01908 261511

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